Q – I have a $1500 “Food & beverage minimum spend” for my party, what goes towards this?

A – ALL food & beverage purchases made by you & your guests contribute to your minimum spend. There is no requirement that the hirer must meet (or even contribute to) the minimum spend personally. However, they are acting as guarantor, if there is any shortfall. Eg if your minimum spend is $1500 & on the night, you & your guests spend $1300 on food/drinks. You will be charged the $200 shortfall.

Q – Am I allowed to decorate our function area? Is there any restrictions?

A – Yes decorations are fine! Please do not use any tape to hang your decorations, as it tends to damage our wallpaper/paintwork. Bluetac or string works well. Please do not bring anything dangerous (eg candles with naked flames etc).

Q – What time can I access our Function area to ‘set up’?

A – All areas are ready 1hour before your party begins. You are welcome to drop in gear/deco’s/cakes etc during the day. We will store these for you. In some circumstances it may be possible to access your area earlier, this will depend on other bookings. Please check with management closer to the date.

Q – How late can my function run?

A – The Rooftop Terrace must close at Midnight. All guests must move downstairs after this time. Exclusivity for 1st floor function areas also finishes at Midnight, (unless another arrangement has been made with management).However if your party is still going, you are welcome to stay on. Just be aware the space will no longer be private & other guests may move though the area.

Q – Are children permitted to attend my Function?

A – Yes! We are licenced for children. The must remain under the direct supervision of a responsible adult at all times. They are not permitted to consume/order alcohol. Please ensure management has been notified that minors will be attending your function prior to arrival. Any teenagers need to be presented to management/security on arrival, they will be asked to wear an identifying wrist band.

Q – Am I permitted to bring in a birthday cake or other food for my Function? What charges are involved?

A – Only birthday cakes can be brought into the Hotel. All other food/beverage must be purchased through us. You are welcome to store your cake in our coolroom, please ensure it is labelled. We will provide plates/napkins etc. No “cakeage” charge applies.

Q – What security &/or staff charges apply to our booking?

A – You will not be charged for security, bar or wait staff. These are all cover by the Hotel.

Q – I am thinking about having a DJ for my party, what equipment will he require?

A – DJ’s must provide ALL their own gear including speakers. Alternately you are welcome to use our system to connect an iPod/MP3 player in all function areas, no charge applies.

Q – Can I pay for some of my function now & the rest on the night?

A – We require the “minimum spend” to be paid at least 10 days before your function date. This lets our night staff/management concentrate on the service side of your function. If your guests are paying for themselves, we simply refund the “minimum spend payment”, the Monday following your booking. It is simply being held as a guarantee. Any shortfall in reaching the minimum spend would be deducted prior to the refund.

Q – What is your cancelation policy?

A- If the event is cancelled:
a) More than 90 days of the event date, all payments will be refunded
b) 42-90 days prior to the event date: 50% of the deposit will be retained by the Hotel
c) 0-41 days prior to the event date: 95% of deposit, room hire & minimum spend payments received will be retained
d) No show: 100% of all payments/deposits received will be retained.

Q – I would like to play a slideshow on the plasma screens in my area, what should I bring? Are there any charges for this?

A – We suggest saving/burning JPEG (.jpg) images onto a USB STICK/CD. If you would like the images to play in a particular order save them as ‘1.jpg, 2.jpg, 3.jpg’ etc. DO NOT save the files into any folders. We will then play the slideshow for you on all the screens in your area. No charges apply. We suggest avoiding images downloaded from facebook or using a LAPTOP, these are often problematic. Power Point presentations are only possible by plugging a laptop directly into an individual TV (please ensure you have the relevant cords for this).

Q – Parking & Transport?

There is a loading zone in front of the Hotel (Murray St) that you/your DJ/etc may utilize to unload equipment. Parking can them be found at one of 3 local parking stations or metered street parking. The ‘Light Rail’ is located under our Bottle shop, this takes you to Central Station or the inner west. A taxi rank is located diagonally across the road outside the Novotel Hotel.