Function Terms and Conditions

Deposit & Confirmation

Once the deposit & signed ‘authority form’ has been received the Hotel will issue your confirmation. Until a confirmation has been issued, the Hotel will continuing offering the area to other interested groups.
To avoid disappointment please send through your form & deposit ASAP.


If the event is cancelled:
a) More than 90 days of the event date, all payments will be refunded

b) 42-90 days prior to the event date: 50% of the deposit will be retained by the Hotel

c) 0-41 days prior to the event date: 95% of deposit, room hire & minimum spend payments received will be retained

d) No show: 100% of all payments received will be retained.

Minimum Spend

Minimum Spend limits apply to most bookings. All food & beverage purchases made by the Host & their guests contribute to the minimum spend. Minimum spend limit must be achieved by the ‘finish’ time of your event.
All events finish no later than midnight unless management have agreed otherwise in writing. Any shortfall in achieving the minimum spend will be charged to the host.


The Hotel takes all reasonable care but no responsibility for damage, loss or injury to person or property while at the Hotel. Damage to Hotel property by the hirer or their guests, will result in repair/replacement costs being billed to the hirer by the credit card provided or other means if necessary.

Responsible service of Alcohol

The Hotel practices & supports responsible service of alcohol. By law we must ask any person displaying signs of intoxication or acting irresponsibly to leave the Hotel immediately.
Under section 77 of the liquor act, any person who fails to leave when asked is committing an offence.
Management may find it necessary to limit service to 1 drink per person, restrict service of particular products, or close the event.


Minors must remain under the direct supervision of their parents at all times. Minors must not obtain, consume or carry away alcohol from the licensed premises. Or attempt to do so.
All teenagers are to be pointed out to management upon arrival, they will be asked to wear an identifying wrist band. Minors are asked to vacate the premises by 1030pm.

Outside Food & Beverage

No outside food or beverage may be brought into the Hotel with exception of Birthday Cakes


The Hotel is unable to cater for Bucks parties, Hen’s parties or 18th birthday parties. Any booking found to be a Bucks/Hen’s/18th will be closed & deposits/payments received will be retained by the Hotel.

Dress Regulation

The Hotel applies a ‘common sense’ approach dress regulation. Guests will be refused entry if they attire is: untidy/ripped/unclean, offensive or otherwise deemed inappropriate by management. The Hotel welcomes ‘fancy dress’ parties, however all themes must be approved by management.

Sound Levels

Council regulations apply to all licensed premises, management reserves the right to monitor/adjust sound levels in all areas of the Hotel.

1st Floor Terrace

The external glass siding windows on the 1st Floor Terrace must be closed at 10pm. The still remains open for use but the windows can no longer be opened.


Please use bluetac only to fix decorations to walls. Nothing is to be affixed to the wallpaper. Repair/replacement necessary due to damage to Hotel property that occurs due to decorations or their removable will be charged to the Host.


Prices, products & menus are subject to change. All prices include GST