Joker Poker


1. The name of the game is Joker Poker

2. The game starts on 22/02/2020 and ends 25/11/2020

3. Entry into the game is gained by patrons: who purchase a drink or meal between 5pm & 7pm on Wednesday afternoons

4. Subject to satisfying the entry requirement, a patron will receive a ticket in the game. The patron: A customer of Pyrmont Bridge Hotel

5. Entries must be received before the time the draw is conducted.

6. The draw will be conducted each Wednesday at 7pm.

7. The place where the draw will be undertaken is Pyrmont Bridge Hotel (96 Union St, Pyrmont)

8. The winning name or number of the successful entrant will be audibly and clearly announced so that all patrons who have a ticket in the draw have the opportunity of hearing the announcement.

9. If the successful entrant fails to present himself or herself to the person conducting the draw within 4 minutes of the announcement, a further draw will take place and the process continue until a successful entrant presents himself or herself.

10. The successful entrant will have the opportunity to select from a deck of 45 cards (no more than 52 cards plus the joker is used), which are turned face down on a board. The prize is won if the successful entrant selects the joker card. If the joker is not selected the prize jackpots to the following draw. If the joker is not selected the person conducting the game board will turn over the joker in the presence of patrons.

11. When a prize is carried over from the previous draw, the draw is to be from the previous draw’s total number of cards with the non-winning card removed. Non-winning game cards will not be placed back on the game board. The position of the cards on the game board will be reshuffled. The joker will always be part of the set of cards on the game board.

12. On the final date of the game, the prize must be won. A draw will be conducted of entrants continuously until a successful entrant wins the prize.

13. The start-up amount for the prize is $100. If not won, the prize jackpots by $100 for the following draw. The Total Jackpot starting at $100 on 22/02/20 & jackpotting $100 each week until 25/11/20 will be $4500.

14. If proposed prize money is greater than $2000 the prize winner must be paid the amount exceeding $2000 by a crossed cheque made out to the winner (or by EFT if the winner so requests). The full prize amount can be paid in this manner, if desired.

15. The board containing the game cards will be secured (secured means a locked cupboard, behind a screen) and under the custody of Andrew McDonald (General Manager)

16. The promoter is Pyrmont Bridge Hotel

17. Authorised under NSW Permit No. is LTPS | 20 / 412 / 99