1st Floor Terrace and Deck


The 1st Floor Terrace & Deck is located at the northern end of the 1st floor. It has its own entrance, outdoor terrace, views of the city & Darling Harbour.

The area is versatile and & can be used in 3 formats:
1) Stand-up cocktail function with a casual high-bar furniture layout.
2) A mingle/dancing space opening onto the outdoor terrace.
3) A more formal sit-down event can be setup with low dining settings. There are 2x linked plasma screens in the area for slideshows & a wireless mic for speeches. The area is located adjacent to the ‘Flying Bridge Cocktail Bar’ offering easy bar access.

Facilities include:
- Capacity (Canapé event) - 75
- Capacity (Sit-down event) - 50
- Dance floor area, mingle area, highbar areas
- Outdoor area
- Music: in-house system, ipod connection, DJ, Band
- Menu Options: Food Package Menu, Platters Menu, Per Piece Menu, Bistro Menu
- Beverage Options: Beverage Package Menu, Bar Tabs, Drink Vouchers, PAYG Cash Bar
- AV: Wireless Mic, Linked plasma screens for display/slideshow
- Minimum Spend Applies
- Hours: Licensed until 5am daily

MAKE A BOOKING  For the full details, including any deposits & minimum spend limits please contact us at: bookings@pyrmontbridgehotel.com


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